Roig House

This 1919 design and 1920 construction of the Casa Roig  for sugar magnate Antonio Roig Torrellas (1860-1933) owner of Central Roig , has a marked resemblance to the Springfield, OH  Burton J. Wescott House design by Frank Lloyd Wright.  According to Thomas Marvel, except for the similarity of the long, front rooms in the Wescott House, the Roig floor plan is Nechodoma's.  In his book Marvel states that the Roig House together with the Korber Residence and the Georgetti Mansion , are Nechodoma's most accomplishing designs.
After Antonio's death, his widow continued living the house until 1956; it remained closed until 1977 when it was donated to the University of Puerto Rico on the condition that it be restored and used as a cultural center for the local residents.  The restoration undertaken by the University was faithfull to the original plans of Nechodoma.  
Since 1989, the University of Puerto Rico uses it as a museum.  During our visit, we noticed a lack of upkeep as some of the tiles on the first floor eave had fallen and not replaced.  Though not related to the property itself, It is a pity to see the bad state of disrepair of other one time beautiful homes on the same street, which deteriorated state detracts from the magnificence of this house.

This property was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. The submission document includes pictures of the house before it was retored by the University.
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