Holy Trinity Cathedral
San Juan

The Methodist Congregations was established in Puerto Rico by missionary Charles W. Drees in 1900 shortly after the US occupation.  The Holy Trinity Cathedral was commissioned to Nechodoma in 1921 and is one among several designs that Nechodoma did for the Methodist Church in Puerto Rico which include the McCabe Memorial Church Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel , the First United Methodist Church in Ponce, the Arroyo Methodist Church and the Collins Missionary Rest Home  in Aibonito.
As he had done before, for this design Nechodoma resorted to the Mission Style.  An interesting feature is that this Church is ten feet back from the sidewalk to create an entrance garden.  In Old San Juan, this would normally violate the urban design of the colonial city because all other structures respect the urban wall of the street.  The small difference makes the facade more perceptible and easier to appreciate.
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