Hacienda Unión

Hacienda Unión was originally owned by Juan Famanía.  Upon Juan's death, his heirs decided not to continue in the agricultural business and decided to sell.  On or around 1836 part of Unión was sold to Esteban Domenech and Julio Esteban Dubocq. 
Julio Esteban Dubocq was born about 1811 in Philadelphia, PA and died on September28, 1868 at the age of 57 in Ponce.  In 1836, he inherited portions of the plantations Los Meros and Pámpanos at Ponce Playa upon the death of his father who was partner in the haciendas with Alexander Harang.  That year, he purchased the remainder of Los Meros and purchased La Unión in association with Esteban Domenech, who also owned  Hacienda Fortuna . Dubocq sold his share in Union to Domenech in 1839.  From 1845-49 Dubocq was a planter and wholesaler in partnership with G. Laporte.  From 1849 he was a principal in Dubocq, Gamon & Company, a Ponce firm shipping sugar and other products to the U.S.  According to one source, when the sugar market collapsed in 1852, he went to France but was apparently back in Puerto Rico in 1866 when one of his younger daughters was married.  
In 1839 another part of Union was sold to Jose Alomar Burgos who established the  Hacienda Santa Isabel .  Jose Antonio Torruella reportedly acquired whatever remained of Unión in 1846 and in 1900 it passed to the Sucn. Torruella after his death.  On October 2, 1846 and again on January 10, 1879 a water right was granted to José Torruella, then owner of Hacienda Unión, to take water from the Jacaguas River for irrigation purposes.
In one of the pictures, you can see the bell used to send messages to workers in the fields.  The picture of the smoke stack at a distance is the smoke stack of  Central Fortuna and shows how close Unión was to  Hacienda Fortuna .