Tres Hermanos/Caracolillo

Hacienda Tres Hermanos was established prior to 1870 and is originally associated with the Lluch family.  Before its most recent ownership stated below, it was at different times owned by the firms Lluch & Amill and Bartolomei Molini & Cía.

In the court case Schulze & Co. in Liquidation vs. Sucn. Castro decided by the Mayaguez District Court on October 22, 1902 and reaffirmed by the Puerto Rico Supreme Court on May 19. 1904 it is stated that "...by means of a deed dated May 12, 1823 Jaime Soler sold to Miguel Agostini 800 cuerdas of land located in the site known as Naranjales from which cuerdas 4 haciendas known as Tres Hermanos, Merle, Plato Indio and Buena Vista were formed..."  This Hacienda Tres Hermanos is in Maricao about 9¼ miles Southeast of the location we have for Hacienda Plato Indio .  Based on the distance between the two, it is unlikely the one mentioned in the court case is this one. 

Based on information received from Orlando Fabre, former Secretary of Agriculture, Hacienda Tres Hermanos was at one time owned by Filomón Matos, a wealthy businessman from Yauco who was involved in the food brokerage business.  In 1996 Hacienda Tres Hermanos, inc. changed its name to Hacienda Caracolillo, Inc.  At the time its officers were  Jose Enrique Jimenez, President and Roberto Atienza, Vice President.  Jimenez had ownership interest in the firm Jimenez & Fernandez Sucrs. Inc. owner of the Yaucono coffee brand and Atienza in Hacienda San Pedro owner of the Hacienda San Pedro coffee brand.  The 2006 Annual Corporate filing for Hacienda Caracolillo, Inc. with the PR State Department shows Elliot Giraud Padró, President and Elliot Giraud, Jr., Vice President.

In talking to the manager of the operation on site, we were informed that the plantation is currently owned by Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters , a subsidiary of Coca Cola established in 2008 who also owns Hacienda Alto Grande where they have the "beneficiado".

It is said that a Spanish Army barrack was established in the hacienda on or around 1890. ​