Torrefacción Solivellas

Solivellas & Cia. was a mercantile firm established in 1886 by Spanish immigrants Lucas Solivellas Vicéns (1856-1929) and Loreto Viqueira Villanueva (1866-1938) who was married to Catalina Solivellas Vicéns, Lucas' sister.  The firm was engaged in the business of buying coffee from local growers, processing and exporting it to Europe and other international markets.

In July 1929, five months after Lucas' death, the partnership was dissolved by Solivellas heirs; his nephews Antonio and Jaime Viqueira Solivellas and their father Loreto Viqueira Villanueva who was the surviving partner.  Upon dissolution, the property where the partnership was located was awarded to Loreto.

In 1931 the National City Bank of NY foreclosed on the property and in 1936 sold it to Diaz, Rodriguez & Cia., a partnership established by Joaquin Diaz and Antonio Rodriguez.  In 1932 Diaz and Rodriguez had joined Juan Barneset in reorganizing the Puerto Rico Biscuit Co. into what today is still known as The Borinquen Biscuit Co.  

As stated in Borinquen Biscuit  web page, the only remaining structure is a chimney and a big charcoal oven with several trays assembled in a wheel like mount moved by the gears that can be seen in the pictures below.  The main building was demolished to give way to a modern apartment building.  Per Archeologist Luis Pumarada O'Neill, Diaz, Rodriguez & Cia. manufactured cans for the Borinquen Biscuit Co. in what used to be the main building.  In a 1978 report, Pumarada states that abandoned machinery for the can operation was still in the main building.