Santa Rosa

Was established as an Ingenio by Pablo Curbelo in 1872 when he acquired it from Ramón Millán.  Its reported original owner was Maximiliano de Rivera.  In an article on El Nuevo Dia edition of December 9, 2009, it states that on June 10,1879 José Ignacio Corujo y Arcas sold Santa Rosa to Pablo Curbelo for $10,000.  It also reports that In 1880 the hacienda consisted of 504 cuerdas and produced muscovado sugar and molasses for local consumption.  

By 1902 it consisted of 470 cuerdas of which 150 were used to grow sugarcane.  The Camuy River divided its lands which spread between the municipalities of Hatillo and Camuy and consisted of low lands suitable for growing sugarcane, rolling hills to grow pasture and unused mountain slopes.
The plantation house, which was destroyed by a fire around 1999, was supposedly built ca. 1842.
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