Santa Maria/Natali

Located in Indiera Alta and originally known as Hacienda Santa Maria, Hacienda Natali was established ca. 1880 by Corsican imigrant Luis Natali Pietri (1846-1930) who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1872 and his first wife Juana Lartigaut Mignucci (1868-1892).  After her death he married his second wife, also Corsican immigrant Ana Bartolomei Giuliani.

The Manor House which was built ca. 1890 is a one story wooden house separated from the Machinery House. which is a few Kilometers away. It is an atypical coffee plantation house with a hipped roof and large balcony. 

​These pictures are part of a 1987 study by Archeologist Dr. Luis Pumarada O'Neill, source: Puerto Rico State Historic Preservation Office.
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