Santa Elena
Toa Baja

According to Jaime Bague in his publication Del Ingenio Azucarero Patriarcal a la Central Azucarera Corporativa Santa Elena was established in 1778 just west of La Plata River by Juan Rijus Feduchi, a European immigrant who came to Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic.  

In the 1830’s Santa Elena was acquired by a Dr. Figueras who changed the mill from blood driven to steam, it was one of the first Ingenios to change to steam as this technology was not introduced in Puerto Rico until 1831.  Jaime Fonalledas acquired Santa Elena in 1891 but by 1917 all the sugar processing equipment was dismantled and sold as scrap.  It consisted of approximately 500 cuerdas of which 100 were used to grow sugarcane. 
Even though it is improbable that the remains pictured were there since the origins of ths hacienda in 1778, they are the only remaining structure on the island of an 18th Century ingenio and the only ones where the mill on the ground floor was driven by oxen on the second level.