Santa Catalina

On or around 1850, Bartolomé and Pascual Borrás Yacer arrived in Puerto Rico from Mallorca, Spain.  A few years later Bartolomé acquired some land in Caguas and together with his brothers Sebastian, Pascual, Juan and Gabriel established the Hacienda Santa Catalina.  By 1863 Santa Catalina was the main sugar muscovado sugar producer in Caguas and the second largest behind San jose with approximately 111,000 acres.  After the establishment of the nearby Central Santa Juana, by 1908-1909 Santa Catalina ceased to grind its own sugarcane.
This Ingenio is also referred to as Las Catalinas because adjacent to the remaining chimney there is now a shopping mall called Las Catalinas. Its smoke stack is today right by PR-52 and, as can be seen from the picture, the shopping mall can be seen behind the chimney.
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