Santa Ana

Santa Ana was established in 1797 on 2,400 acres of land granted by the Spanish Crown to Spanish Navy Captain  Fernando Fernandez  in recognition for his service to the Crown.  Fernando was the father of Manuel Fernandez Martinez who inherited Santa Ana and of José Ramón Fernandez “Marqués de la Esperanza” who owned  Hacienda La Esperanza
In 1880 Pedro Faustino Fernandez Umpierre brought to Puerto Rico from Europe the formula and began distilling Ron Barrilito here, however, during the prohibition, the distillery was dismantled and now they only blend, bottle and age the rum on premises.  After his passing, his son Edmundo B. Fernandez ran the firm which is now run by his son Manuel B. Fernandez.

By 1845 Santa Ana consisted of about 1,000 acres of which about 150 were used to grow sugarcane.  Today the remains do not include acreage but include the windmill built in 1827 which houses the corporate offices of Edmundo B. Fernandez & Co.   Alcoholado Santa Ana is also elaborated and bottled here.