San Martin & Leon
West Tampa

This 16,897 square foot brick cigar factory building was built in 1900 for the A. Santaella & Co. ​, when A. Santaella & Co. outgrew the facilities and moved out in 1904, the Leopold Powell & Co. moved its New York operations here where they operated until 1914 when the Ybor City firm of P. San Martin Cigar Co., now with new partner Jorge León re-named the San Martin & León Cigar Co., acquired Leopold Powell & Co. and consolidated its operation at this location where they remained until 1928. 
Other companies that used this factory building were:
  • The C.M. Gil Cigar Co (1926-1928)
  • The Gallo and Baer Company (1946) and
  • The Adrian Cigar Company (1949).
In subsequent years, this building would serve as a clubhouse for the Spanish, Italian, American, and Cuban clubs. On May 21, 1992 its then owner Frayne Sportswear Manufacturers, Inc. sold the property to Sam S. Martino.  On October 19, 1999 title was transferred from Sam S. Martino to All Bay Contactors Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc., its current owner.