Central San Francisco

Date Established: 1913
Date Ceased Operations: 1977
Annual Production Graph
Average Annual Production: 6,981 Tons
Best Production Year: 1960/18,144 Tons
Family Ownership: Arturo Lluberas
Central San Francisco began from the consolidation of Hacienda Maria Antonia, Hacienda Santa Rosa and Hacienda Mercedes which in 1840 was established by Spanish immigrant from Villanueva y Geltrú Catalonia, José Francisco Lluberas Mitchans (1806-1873).  It was later owned by his son Gerónimo Lluveras de Torres y Figueroa (1834-1901) until his death.  It was then inherited by Gerónimos children Jose Francisco (1872-1911), Arturo (1874-1938) and Rosa Lluberas Rodriguez de la Seda (1873-1930).  We have a family relationship with its one-time owners as Asunción Negroni Albelda (1879-1968), wife of Arturo Lluberas Rodriguez de la Seda (1874-1938), was our 1st Cousin 2x removed.

Hacienda Mercedes used a sugarcane mill operated by oxen until 1865 when a steam engine was installed.  It had 3,000 acres of its own land of which approximately 500 were used to grow sugarcane.  It used water from the Yauco River to irrigate its lands.

In 1901 Hacienda Mercedes stopped grinding sugarcane as the Jamaican Train process it used was obsolete and inefficient, it then contracted with the Guanica Centrale to grind all the sugarcane it harvested for a 15 year period.  It was not until the harvest season of 1913-1914 that modern equipment was installed and the newly created Central San Francisco had its first grinding season with production of 1,267 tons of muscovado sugar.

Central San Francisco was one of the smallest central sugar mills on the island and the last privately owned to close down.  The land around the sugar mill is now being used by Tropical Fruit, SP, an Israeli controlled enterprise to grow mangoes.