Hacienda Salvación was reportedly established ca. 1840, its first known owner is Corsican immigrant Basilio Pietri Malatrasi (1925- ) in 1879.  In 1882 a water permit was granted to Basilio Pietri to extract water from the Rio Prieto to power coffee processing machinery.  After Basilio, ownership of the the hacienda passed on generation after generation within the Pietri family as follows:

  • Pedro Jose Pietri Ramos (1854-1906) the son of Basilio Pietri and his wife Trinidad Ramos.
  • Teresa Pietri Ramos and her husband Corsican born José Pietri Moretti (1839- ).  At the time Teresa took ownership of Hacienda Salvación, she also inherited the adjoining Hacienda Santa Teresa.  
  • José Pietri Pietri  (1872-1933) the son of José Pietri Moretti, and his wife Rita Victoria Mejia Nigaglioni (1885- ).  Jose married a second time in 1909 to Laura Natali Lagomarsini.  In addition to ownership in Hacienda Salvación and Santa Teresa, José Pietri Pietri also owned the adjoining Hacienda San Lorenzo, Hacienda Belgodere in Guayanilla, Hacienda Esperanza in Barrio Anones of Añasco, owned 30 cuerdas planted with coffee trees in Barrio Rubias and of another coffee plantation and sugar factory in Barrio Vegas of Yauco, today under the waters of Lake Luchetti.
  • The son of José Pietri Mejia, José Manuel (Pepe) Pietri Mejia (1901-1985) and his second wife Enilda Rodriguez Barrero (1917- ), José's first wife was Rosario Bacó Polidori whom he married in 1925 and at the time of his death was married to Ruth Vega.
  • The son of José Pietri Mejia, Jose Manuel (Pepito)  Pietri Rodriguez (1938- )

​In 1976 José Pietri Rodriguez sold most of the land to the Government of Puerto Rico Rural Development Administration who segregated the land and gave the lots as "parcelas" to local families.  The remaining structures were at one time remodeled to convert them into an inn.

 It is located  in Barrio Rio Prieto on PR-428 just East of the boundary between Yauco and Maricao.

These pictures are part of a 1987 study by Archeologist Dr. Luis Pumarada O'Neill, source: Puerto Rico State Historic Preservation Office.

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