Juana Diaz

Hacienda Potala was located in Barrio Cintrona.  It had several owners over time as stated below, its best known owner being Manuel Ferrer.
On April 23, 1846 a water right to take water from the Jacaguas River was granted to Maria Tristani owner of Hacienda Potala.  On July 21, 1849 a similar right was granted to Manuel Ferrer who in the 1850s also had ownership in Cintrona and Pastillo in Juana Diaz and in  Hacienda Fortuna  in Ponce.  Ferrer was still owner of Potala in 1870 as stated on a court case brought about by Juan Cortada regarding water use from the Jacaguas River.
In 1872 Ferrer is reported living in his native Spain, the administrator of his interests in Puerto Rico was José Toro.  A water right was granted on January 1, 1879 to Pedro Rosali who seems to have been the owner at the time.  In April, 1902 the then 1,709 acre Hacienda Potala was acquired by and became part of Central Aguirre

According to businessman Albert Lee, Potala was at one time the largest producer of muscovado sugar on the island. 
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