Hacienda Pons was originally owned by Spanish immigrant from Mallorca Salvador Pons Coll (1858- ) who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1879.  It was contiguous to lands of Hacienda Castañer  and at one point in time was acquired by Castañer Hnos. or its successor Sucrs. de Castañer S en C.
Sucrs. de Castañer S en C was established in 1898 by Juan Castañer Anglada when he decided to follow his brother Antonio and retire in his native Mallorca.  At that point Ramón Castañer Velez, the natural son of Juan was became the administrator of Scres. de Castañer S en C. During his administration, Ramón brought as partners Mallorcans Miguel Alemañy Casasnovas (1883- ) who had arrived in Puerto Rico in 1897 and Pedro Pons Arbona (1878-1953), the son of Nicolas Pons and Antonia Arbona who had arrived in Puerto Rico in 1892 to help manage the firm's diverse businesses.  In 1938 as a result of the dissolution of Sucrs. de Castañer S en C, Hacienda Pons was awarded to Pedro Pons Arbona.   

Today Hacienda Pons is also known as known as Hacienda Buena Vista and is managed by José Pons, grandson of Pedro Pons Arbona.  It produces the Café Bartolo brand coffee named in honor of Barrio Bartolo where it is located.

It is located on PR-128Km 57.7.