Plato Indio
Las Marias

Also known at times as Hacienda Llano del Rio, it is located in the Merle Sector of Barrio Río Cañas, Southwest of town near the border with Mayagüez.  Per HAER Report dated June 1977 it was established ca. 1873, consisted of approximately 1,000 cuerdas and its production machinery was powered by steam.  Remains are practically ruins but among the elements that can still be identified are a huge "glácil" or cement slab to dry the coffee beans and some pieces of machinery used in coffee processing.

In the court case Schulze & Co. in Liquidation vs. Sucn. Castro decided by the Mayaguez District Court on October 22, 1902 and reaffirmed by the Puerto Rico Supreme Court on May 19. 1904 it is stated that "...by means of a deed dated May 12, 1823 Jaime Soler sold to Miguel Agostini 800 cuerdas of land located in the site known as Naranjales from which cuerdas 4 haciendas known as Tres Hermanos , Merle, Plato Indio and Buena Vista were formed..."  

Hacienda Plato Indio is associated with the Agostini Maristani family who descend from the marriage of Juan Agostini Martinez (1829-1913) and Joaquina Maristani Trabal (1830-1896).  Juan Agostini Martinez, though not verified, seems to be the  son of Miguel Agostini mentioned in the court case above.  Its last known owner was Ramón Cardona.

It is located on PR-355 2 Km W of PR-119 in today's Barrio Rio Cañas.

Below is a painting by Guillermo Sureda of the hacienda's Manor House.
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