Perfecto Garcia & Brothers
Ybor City

Perfecto Garcia & Bros. was established in 1905 by Oviedo, Spain born Perfecto Garcia (1870-1930) who arrived in Chicago ca. 1895 from Cuba.  The other member of the firm were his three brothers, one who returned to Spain and two who remained in Chicago running the 15 or so cigar shops they owned in the windy city where most of their marketing was aimed at. 

Their first wooden factory was lost due to the March 1908 fire that destroyed 171 homes and 42 businesses over 18 city blocks.  They then moved to the the Sanchez & Haya Co. Factory #1 building from where they moved this 3-story 47,882 sq. ft. facilty at 2808 N 16th Street built in 1914 by the G. A. Miller Construction Co., though according to Hillsborough County's  Property Appraiser records it was built in 1917.  Vacant since 1982 and today abandoned, the factory building is for sale for a reported $2.75 million.  

During its peak years of production, the company employed over 1,200 people in the fields, the cigar factory and their stores.  They used Cuban tobacco that was grown on their family owned farms and rolled the cigars in Ybor City.  
Along with  Corral-Wodiska & Cia.  Bering cigars and  Garcia y Vega , Perfecto Garcia was considered one of the highest grade cigars at the time.  In the aftermath of the Cuban Embargo, Perfecto Garcia's Cuban tobacco inventory dwindled and like many other cigar companies in Ybor City they looked to sell their business.  Perfecto Garcia & Bros. was sold to Havano Cigar Corp. who brought machines in to roll cigars at an average of 60,000 per day.  In June 1982 operations at this location ceased one year after United States Tobacco Co. of Greenwich, CT bought Perfecto Garcia from Havano Cigar Co. for the brand name only, renamed the company Central American Cigar Co. and moved operations to York, PA citing a decline in cigar sales and the economy as their reasons for closing.
In 1999, Arango Cigar Co., of Northbrook, Ill., announced that they were the new importer and sole distributor of Perfecto Garcia premium cigars, then manufactured in Nicaragua and once again, hand made.
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