Originally known as Hacienda Paraguas and Hacienda La Esperanza, was established in 1828 by Frenchman Juan Bautista Plumey Grau who came to Puerto Rico from Haiti and his Cabo Rojo born wife Petronila Irizarry Montalvo.  After Plumey's death it was acquired in 1882 by Spanish immigrant from Sóller Miguel Marqués Enseñat and his Aguadilla born wife Gertrudis Abrams Ornedo.  The hacienda was inherited by their grandaughter Gertrudis Marqués Campillo and her Lares born of Spanish immigrants from Sóller husband Bartolomé Suau Soler who changed the name to Hacienda Lealtad.  Afterward it was reportedly owned by José (Pepe) Collazo and in 1978 by Pablo Collazo.  Since 2009 its owner has been Edwin Soto who has converted the property into a museum and boutique hotel. 

Today the hacienda has 900 cuerdas and produces the Di Laris, Lealtad, Supremo and Gourmet coffee brands for local consumption and export as well.

Similar to the system used at Hacienda Vives in Ponce, Lealtad channeled water from the nearby Rio Blanco through a canal system about 2,400 ft long to  move a water wheel and produce electricity and power to for the coffee production equipment.  Water was then returned to its natural cause at Quebrada Platano.