McCabe Memorial Church
Ponce Playa

The McCabe Memorial Church is a Methodist Church at Hostos Avenue #835 in Ponce Playa designed in 1907 and built in 1908 at a cost of $4,500.  According to Thomas Marvel, it is Nechodoma's first documented building in Puerto Rico and the first of a series of religious buildings designed for the Methodist Church.  It is a small church as when it was built in 1908, the Ponce Playa community was not heavily populated. 
The same plans for this church were used to build the Collins Memorial Church in Aibonito at the same time this one was built.  However, the original Collins Memorial Church was destroyed by hurricane San Felipe in 1928 and a new church designed by a different architect was built at the site which still exists today. 
Its design is taken from the All Saints by the Sea Episcopalian Church in Montecito, CA  designed by A. B. Benton and built just a few years earlier in 1900.  Curiously, an employee at the church mentioned to us there is an exact church in the Los Angeles area in California although she did not mention the All Saints by the Sea Church by name.

​This property was included in the National Register for Historic Places in 2008.