Mayaguez Power, Light & Ice Co.

According to Thomas Marvel, the design for this structure dates between1910-1912 during the time Nechodoma was living in the Dominican Republic.  Since Nechodoma did not date his plans, it is difficult to ascertain the exact date because this design hints at some details that belong to a later period in his development.  The Mission style parapet dates this design as 1910-1912 but the stain glass above the store front is similar to that of the bank of Nova Scotia in Old San Juan, a 1919 design.  

As can be seen from the pictures, the original structure seems to have been substantially altered as the characteristics stated by Marvel are not clearly identifiable today.
The Mayaguez Power, Light & Ice Co. was established by Ramón Valdés to provide electricity to the city.  It was occupied for many years by its successor the Autoridad de la Fuentes Fluviales (AFF) later known as Autoridad de Energia Elecrica (PREPA) who still operates a substation on its premises.