Santa Clara II/Malatesta

When the estate of Domingo Mariani Dominicci (1815-1902) was settled ca. 1920, Hacienda Santa Clara II was established on 576 acres of land segregated from the then 917 acre Hacienda Santa Clara .  Mariani Dominicci married Venancia Cuprill Rodriguez and had 4 children: Domingo, Tomás (1859-1886), Antonio (1862-1906) and Jose Maria (1860-1907) Mariani Cuprill.   After Venancia's death, he married a second time Ursula Bochecampie Defendini (1861- ) and had Pedro Domingo (1878- ), Desideria (1880-1886) and Cristina (1883-1902) Mariani Bochecampie. Domingo Mariani Dominicci had an out of wedlock relationship with Monserrate Mariani of which Angela and Miguel Mariani Mariani were born.

Hacienda Santa Clara II was awarded to the daughters of Jose Maria Mariani Cuprill and his wife Maria Dolores Garcia Figueroa; Maria Cristina (1889-1945), Maria Dolores (1897-1975) and Maria Venancia (1891-1966) Mariani Garcia.  In 1910 Maria Cristina married Corsican immigrant Geronimo Malatesta Canales (1874- ) who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1889 and worked as "mayordomo" at Hacienda Santa Clara.  They bought the other two sisters participation in Hacienda Santa Clara II and renamed it Hacienda Malatesta.

In 1937 some 104 cuerdas were sold to the Government to be segregated and distributed among local farmers as part of the Puerto Rico Economic Reconstruction Administration program (PRERA).  In the 1970s the remaining land was sold to the Government of Puerto Rico who through a similar program segregated and distributed it to local farmers as well.  Approximately 35 cuerdas which included the house built by Malatesta and the production facilities were awarded to a former employee of Hacienda Santa Clara; Pedro M. Tollinchi Rivera.

Today it is owned by Mayra Tollinchi who since 2012 has started the process of rebuilding the old structures, resurrect the property and plant its lands.  Her efforts are documented and can be followed at this  Facebook Page .  According to information provided by Ms. Tollinchi, no machinery is left and only part of the Manor House is still standing.

Access is through a paved trail off of PR-374 0.2 Km East of Hacienda Santa Clara to the south.
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