La Igualdad

La Igualdad's origin dates back to 1840, the cane crushing machinery dates from 1860-1870.  It is located on PR-332 between the town of Guanica and "Barrio" Ciénaga on the north bank of the Rio Loco.  It was established by the Ramirez de Arellano family of San Germán. 
The machinery that can be seen on the pictures is a single column, slide-valve, side-crank beam engine of unknown manufacturer that drove the three-role cane crushing mill.  Most of the machinery is intact as is the octagonal chimney.  All the equipment that is now in open air used to be inside the factory building of which only ruins of the foundation walls and arches remain.
The steam engine is of unusual architectural design having an open, decorative, single pedestal, cast-iron column supporting a cast-iron beam. The engine has a 12-inch bore and 40-inch stroke with a 15-foot diameter cast-iron flywheel that turned at approximately 20 revolutions per minute, with individual spoke and rim castings bolted together.  Connected to the crankshaft and flywheel is a single, 15-foot diameter reduction gear coupled to a three-role cane crushing mill.
In the early 1900's it stopped milling operations and sugar cane grown in the plantation was processed at the nearby  Guanica Central .  Alfredo Ramirez de Arellano Rosell, a descendant of the original owners of La Igualdad, was part of the group that acquired  Central Igualdad  in 1925.