Was established in 1834 when Angelita Comas, the wife of Spanish Army officer Eugenio Comas, ordered its construction.  During its operation as a coffee plantation it was reportedly owned at one time by the Antonnetti family.  Francisco del Moral Nadal (1877-1943) and his wife Rosa Torrellas Guerrero were its last owners while operating as a coffee plantation.

In the mid 1900s, most of its land, which at one time extended to 400 cuerdas, was segregated and sold.  In 1976 it was converted to a hotel under the Puerto Rican Government "Paradores" program.

As told by locals, the only remaining original structure is what today is the restaurant, which used to be the warehouse building.  In its lower level was the slave quarters which entrance is now covered in bricks but still can be identified.  The boiler and drier stand in the open air in the middle of what must have been the machinery house.  The structure where the "ril" is painted is not an original structure but is where the original receiving facilities were located. 
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