Jardines/Enseñat/El Hoyo
Las Marias

Originally Hacienda Jardines was established by Italian immigrant Victor Lacorte Florenciani and his wife Nieves Bartolomei Córdova.  Per Hacienda Enseñat's Historic American Engineering (HAER) Record of the National Park Service available at the State Historic Preservation Office, it was established in 1888.  Common lore has it that it was originally owned by the firm Enseñat & Cia., comprised of cousins José Enseñat Mayol and Francisco Enseñat, both Spanish immigrants from the Balearic Island of Mallorca.

José Enseñat Mayol was born in Sóller in 1870 and arrived in Puerto Rico in 1886.  It is reasonable to believe that Enseñat & Cia. was organized by Francisco Enseñat who under the name of Enseñat & Cia. acquired Hacienda Jardines from Victor Lacorte Florenciani in 1888 and made his recently arrived cousin a partner in the firm.  They were then joined by José's brother Jaime Enseñat Mayol (1875-1956) who according to 1910 census records arrived on the island in 1891.

Common lore also has it that Nieves Bartolomei Córdova, the wife of Vicente Lacorte Florenciani was the sister of Rosa Bartolomei Valentin (1887-1967) the wife of Jaime Enseñat Mayol (1875-1956).  Nieves was the daughter of Corsican Juan Bartolomei Luchetti (1818-1903) and Nieves Córdova and Rosa was the daughter of Juan Bartolomei and Ramona Valentin.  Due to the difference in age, although both their parents were named Juan and may have been related, it is reasonable to belive they  were not the same person. 

Vicente Lacorte Florenciani returned to Italy after he sold Hacienda Jardines, however, on October 1896 when his son Victor Lacorte Bartolomei married Rufina Vazquez Cruz in Comerio, Vicente and Nieves still lived in Las Marias.  José Enseñat Mayol returned to live in Spain ca. 1910 when he sold the hacienda to his brother Jaime.  Since the 1930s the hacienda was run by Jaime's son José Enseñat Bartolomei who also at one point in time owned the nearby  Hacieda San Calixto .

Hacienda Enseñat, also at one time known as Hacienda El Hoyo located on PR-124 in Barrio Chamorro,  began as a 188 cuerdas plantation, ca. 1932, some 18 acres were deeded shortly thereafter to the Puerto Rico Emergency Reconstruction Administration (PRERA) and a few years later the adjoining 70 cuerda Hacienda Bryan was acquired from its then owner Mercedes Arana de Bryan.  In 1974 José Enseñat Bartolomei sold most of the 240 cuerdas of Hacienda Jardines to the Government of Puerto Rico retaing some 45 cuerdas.  

Some of the pictures below are part of a 1987 study made by Archeologist Luis Pumarada O'Neill obtained by courtesy of the Puerto Rico State Historic Preservation Office.  Some are recent photos provided by Alma Enseñat Planell, daughter of José Enseñat Bartolomei.