Fernandez Garcia Residence

This house is often referred to as a " Bungalow " with no date of construction.  Our research indicates the design of this house was commissioned to Nechodoma in 1923 by Dr. Eugenio Fernandez Garcia, the son of Spanish immigrants, and his wife Ernestina Cerra.
The Puerto Rico Encyclopedia, in identifying Dr. Fernandez as an illustrious son of the town of Luquillo states; "Eugenio Fernández García -€“ Politician and prominent physician.  He was a senior professor in the Philosophy Department of the University of Puerto Rico, President of the Puerto Rico Medical Association (1923-1927), representative for the Puerto Rican Alliance Party (1928) and founder and director of a clinic for the treatment of tuberculosis in San Juan, which was named for him. Beginning in 1923, he edited El Libro de Puerto Rico, a volume of biographies and historical information about Puerto Rico."
When we visited the property in July 2014, it was listed for rent, we were informed by the Realtor listing the house that the main entrance to the house was through two staircases located where the two wrought iron railings are on each side of the front of the house.  The original house was later expanded to the rear not in keeping with the original Nechodoma design, however, the front was minimally altered.
In recent years, the house was owned by Piri Fernandez de Lewis, daughter of Dr. Fernandez.  Currently (11/2015), renovations are ongoing to accomodate a Spanish restaurant to be called Atame.
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