F. Lozano, Son & Co.
Ybor City

Faustino Lozano (1842-1906) was a Spanish immigrant who arrived in New York City in 1865 and in 1868 married Cornelia Lozano who had emmigrated from Ireland in 1858.  They had two Sons; Faustino C. (1877-1916) and José Maria (1885- ) and two daughters: Mary (1875- ) and Ramona (1879- ).  Enrique Pendas was also a Spanish immigrant who in 1883 went to New York City where he joined his uncle Faustino in the firm Lozano, Pendas & Co.

On May 15, 1887 Lozano Pendas & Co. was the third factory to establish in Tampa after Sanchez & Haya and V. Martinez Ybor & Co..  Lozano-Pendas & Co. operated in Ybor City until 1895 when Faustino sold his interest in the firm which later became Y. Pendas & Alvarez Co.   Faustino then dedicated to the imported tobacco leaf business from which he retired in 1904.

That same year, Faustino Lozano, Jr. associated with Alejandro (Padrino) Nistal and established the firm Lozano Nistal & Co., manufacturers of the La Flor de Lozano and Nistal & Co. brands at 1925 Seventh Avenue.  The association with Padrino Nistal ended in 1905 when Faustino Jr., together with his father and brother José, decided to form their own family cigar manufacturing business.  In 1907 F. Lozano, Son & Co. was incorporated in New York.  Faustino Jr., who lived in New York from 1907 to 1913, ran the company until his death in 1916 when his brother José took over as President.  F. Lozano, Son & Co. was acquired in 1924 by the Morgan Cigar Co.

Construction of this 39,280 square foot building was completed in November, 1905 when equipment from the 1925 Seventh Avenue facilty was moved here.  F. Lozano, Son & Co. closed operations in 1923 when its brands were sold to Gradiz-Annis.  In 1924, Corral-Wodiska & Ca. leased the building, in 1925 the lease went to Gradiaz-Annis & Co. who occupied it until ca. 1928.  Between 1931-1943, M. Bustillo and Merriam Cigar Manufacturers were the occupants and the last to use the building as a cigar factory.  This May 1984 Structure Analysis prepared by Bilal Sultan Ajami has detailed information regarding this building. 
In 1943 the property was sold to Tampa Casket Co. who used the facilities until 1969 when it filed for bankruptcy and sold the building to Oliva Tobacco Company, the Tampa Casket Co. name can still be seen on the front of the building.  It was later owned by George Rink who in 1984 sold it to the Norbert Fuller Construction Co. after being denied a Historic Preservation Certificate by the State of Florida in 1982.  It was leter acquired by the Lawrence Properties Group and since 2005 it is owned and occupied by CENTRAL FLORIDA LIONS EYE & TISSUE BANK INC.