Central Eureka

Date Established: 1907
Date Ceased Operations: 1977
Annual Production Graph
Average Annual Production: 20,964 Tons
Best Production Year: 1951/41,075 Tons
Family Ownership: Fajardo, Garcia Mendez
Corporate Ownership: Central Eureka, Inc.
Eureka's beginning date to around 1827 as Hacienda San José, owned by Mateo Belvis who during the 1840's expanded it with the acquisition of adjacent lands.  In 1854 Hacienda San José passed on by inheritance to Carlos Manuel Fajardo Belvis, Grandson of Mateo Belvis, who installed a steam mill and by 1868 became an ingenio consisting of 1,667 cuerdas.  According to the slave register "Libro de Empadronamiento de Esclavos", in 1871-72 haciendas San José and Luisa Josefa, owned by Carlos Manuel Fajardo had 147 slaves.  

The drop in sugar price and the general economic crisis in Puerto Rico at the end of the 19th Century, caused great losses and made Fajardo switch temporarily to growing rice and cotton among other agricultural products.  Upon the death of Carlos Manuel Fajardo Belvis in 1890, the property passed on to his two sons; Mateo and Luis Fajardo Cardona.
Central Eureka, Inc. was incorporated in 1907 by Mateo and Luis Fajardo Cardona, Antonio R. Cabassa Tassara, Clemente Javierre Lopez and the former engineer at Guanica Centrale and representative of the Newhall Engineering Co. of Philadelphia David L. Thompson using structures and lands of Hacienda San José which at the time were substantially not in use.  Mateo Fajardo Cardona operated Eureka until his death in 1934, during his time at the helm, Eureka flourished as a very productive sugar mill.  In 1937 the principal stockholders of Central Eureka, Inc. were; Carlos Fajardo, Gabriel Soler, Jaime Anexy, Antonia Cabassa vda. Fajardo, Teodoro Fajardo Cabassa, Sucn. Mateo Fajardo Davila, Sucn. Jose A. Fajardo Davila and Lydia Fajardo.
After his death, his estate, known as the Sucn. Mateo Fajardo Cardona, was involved in a lengthy legal battle because some of the heirs of his wife Antonia Cabassa Texidor, claimed she inapropriately acquired lands from the estate of her late husband Diego Garcia Saint Laurent and contributed them to Eureka thus depriving them from their participation in the totality of Garcia Saint Laurent's estate.  By reading the transcript of the  the  Appeal to the United States 1st Circuit Court of Appeals , an understanding of this legal battle can be obtained.
Before it was acquired by the Government in 1977 and shut down, Miguel Angel Garcia Mendez who also had ownership in Central Igualdad , became a majoroty investor in Eureka.
This sugar mill is located in a large valley suitable for sugarcane growing blessed with plenty of rainfall beneficial for high yielding sugarcane.