Ybor City

The José Arango Co., which had moved from Chicago to West Tampa in 1921, moved here in 1926 when their facilities in West Tampa proved to be too small.  They produced the Cyrilla and General Forbes brands here until the early 1950s when the company dissolved.

Hillsborough County records show this factory building to be 14,785 square feet and constructed in 2004, probably the year it was completely remodeled.  Some sources state it was originally 21,600 square feet and built in 1905 and some that it was built in the early 1920's.  I tend to believe the 14,785 above grade square footage and 1920's construction theory as Cyrilla is not on the list of factories established by 1905 on the  Cigar Factories Project  page.
The front of the factory building originally faced the narrow side on 15th Street with the front door what is now the middle window.  As was typical in all cigar factories those days, the buildings were built lengthwise East to West to avoid direct sunlight and allow cross ventilation from the North prevailing breeze.  

The building had a basement as can be seen from the ca. 1925 Burgert Bros. picture below, today, the basement windows have been sealed.  The stairs and staircase covered by the red brick wall on the South side of the building, now the front, are additions to the original building.
On January 23, 1975 the City of Tampa represented by its then Mayor William F. Poe, sold the property to the Hillsborough Community College who is its current owner.  The building serves as the Administrative offices of the Ybor City Campus of HCC.