Hacienda Coto
San Germán

Hacienda Coto was located in the Bo. Sabana Grande Ababajo, approximately 1.3 miles west of the town of San German, about 400 m north of PR-114. It was established in 1810 by Ramón de Quiñones (1874- ) who was one of he first to plant sugarcane in the area.  Then it consisted of 60 acres and an oxen driven mill with wooden masses and produced molasses for sale in the local market.  By 1835 additional lands were acquired and in 1852, now a 450 acre plantation and one of the largest in the area with its own open and vaulted canal system for irrigation, his widow Francisca Silva López installed a steam mill.  

Upon the death of Francisca, the property passed on to her four children who divided the inherited property between them.  Their son Vicente Maria inhertited 144 acres, half of the canal system for irrigation and the sugar factory.  Upon Vicente Maria's death in 1883 it passed on to his widow Amalia Quiñones Ramirez (1815-1889) and then in 1892 to their daughter-in-law Isabel Salazar de Gurendez Santarón the widow of their son Ramón Quiñones Quiñones, its third generation family owner.  The fourth generation owner was Ramón and Isabel's son Ernesto Quiñones Salazar (1879-1942) and its fifth and last family member to own and operate it was Ernesto Quiñones Sambolin (1911-1993).
Its ruins include the owner's two story house, the chimney and the walls of the factory building which was at a very close distance from the house.