During the first half of the 1900s, Concepción belonged to a group of Frenchmen, one of them with last name of Danoi who installed an oxen driven trapiche and then sold it to Miguel Antonio Veve Feraud and two gentlemen by the names of Garcia and Dorvir.  Veve Feraud was the son of Santiago Veve and Josefina Feraud, immigrants from the French island of Guadaloupe.  In 1864 Dorvir sold his ownership interest to Veve and García and in 1878 Garcia sold his participation to Veve who then became sole owner.  Veve Feraud was the brother of Miguel Adolfo Velez Feraud, owner of Hacienda Monserrate in Rio Grande.
Hacienda Concepción was inherited by Veve's daughter Maria Clotilde Veve Diaz who was its owner of record in 1902.  At that time, she was the widow of Juan Vahamonde Lopez.  Miguel Antonio Veve Feraud also had ownership in Hacienda Aurora in Vieques which was inherited by two of his four daughters; Concepción Veve Diaz (1849-1930±) who married José Sastraño Belaval  (1848-1917) and Josefina Veve Diaz (1845- ) who married Juan Ramón Zalduondo Becerril and later Dr. Prisco Vizcarrondo Vizcarrondo.
The remains of this Ingenio are currently in the middle of a residential area about ½ Km northeast of the town of Ceiba.  
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