Cojoba Isleta
San Germán

Hacienda Cojoba Isleta was established ca. 1870 as a small 80 cuerdas coffee plantation which probably, as was typical of plantations this size, operated as a "satelite" of larger producers to whom they sold their product.  According to Archeologist Luis Pumarada O'Neill, it is probable tha Hacienda Cojoba Isleta had this arrangement with Hacienda Desideria of the Mari family in Barrio Oconuco or with Hacienda La Carolina in Barrio Duey Bajo. 

The coffee production machinery which dates from ca. 1890 was located on the ground floor of the Main House.  Its machinery was moved by human power until ca. 1960 when an electric motor was installed.

Located in Barrio Duey Alto about 1 Km West of PR-393 Km 2.5.  Its last known owner was Luis Mercado Rivera.