Central Soledad

The Soledad plantation was established by the Sarría family as a medium sized sugar estate of 900 acres and 180 slaves according to the census of 1877.In 1881 the mercantile firm Torriente Bros. acquired the mill for unpaid crop financing loans made to the heirs of Juan Bautista Sarría who had established it in 1820.

Although it had not been involved in the sugar manufacturing business before, in May 1884, E. Atkins & Co. became involved in it when in lieu of payment it acquired the Soledad estate and sugar mill from its agent in Cuba, the firm Torriente Bros.  Even though sugar manufacturing was not in Elisha’s plans and Edwin lived in Belmont, Mass., the operation of Soledad became Edwin’s personal interest and by 1887 Soledad was producing 4,000 m.t. of sugar annually.

Central Soledad eventually became part of Punta Alegre Sugar Co.
1 University of Maryland - A Cuban Connection: Edwin F Atkins, Charles Francis Adams, Jr., and the Former Slaves of Soledad Plantation