Buena Vista/Frontera
Las Marias

There were two haciendas Buena Vista owned by Frontera families; this one in Barrio Buena Vista of Las Marias and Hacienda Buena Vista  in Barrio Indiera Baja of Maricao.  To the best of our knowledge, even though both families hailed from the island of Mallorca, there is no immediate relationship between them.  Hacienda Buena Vista in Las Marias was established ca. 1870 by Spanish immigrant Ramón Frontera Rullán whose parents Amador Frontera Pons and Maria Rullán Frontera always remained in Spain.  Ramón Frontera Rullán was married to Catalina Bernard, their son Antonio Frontera Bernard inherited the property and operated it into the 1960s.  Ramón was the nephew of Ramón Frontera Pons who owned haciendas Llanada in Lares and Balear, Santiaga and Unión in Maricao.

Hacienda Buena Vista in Maricao was established also ca. 1870 by Spanish immigrant from Mallorca Bartolomé Mora, when Mora returned to Spain ca. 1892 he left the hacienda to Juan G. Frontera Ripoll whose parents Bartolomé Frontera Ballester and Maria Ripoll Castañer always remained in Spain as wel. 

In the court case Schulze & Co. in Liquidation vs. Sucn. Castro decided by the Mayaguez District Court on October 22, 1902 and reaffirmed by the Puerto Rico Supreme Court on May 19. 1904, it is stated that "...by means of a deed dated May 12, 1823 Jaime Soler sold to Miguel Agostini 800 cuerdas of land located in the site known as Naranjales from which cuerdas 4 haciendas known as Tres Hermanos , Merle, Plato Indio and Buena Vista were formed..."  We do not believe that this Hacienda Buena Vista is the one mentioned in the court case.  Though both are within the boundaries of the municipality of Las Marias, this hacienda is in Barrio Barrio Buena Vista as opposed to Naranjales.​​  

The surviving structure of this hacienda consist two buildings and the Manor House which has been remodeled.  One is a masonry structure used for storage and the other a two story for machinery and dwelling.