Also called Hacienda Grillasca when it was established in the 1860's by its original owner and Corsican immigrant Domingo Grillasca Vechioli (1844- ) who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1865 and his wife Maria del Socorro Vargas. 

According to Luis Edgardo Diaz Hernandez in his book Castañer: Una Hacienda Cafetalera en Puerto Rico (1886-1930), "In 1903 and 1904 coffee production on the island was high.  Scres. de Castañer Hnos. S en C committed to sell 650 quintals of coffee to Fritze, Lund & Co. and Carlos Armstrong in Ponce by the end of December.  Great part of the coffee sold by the firm was bought from other nearby haciendas among which was La Arbela of Domingo Grillasca."  It has been reported that at one time Hacienda Arbela was owned by Domingo Mariani Dominicci, however, we have not been able to verify this fact.

its manor house and all other remaining structures were built ca. 1930 when the original structures were destroyed by a fire.  ​In the 1960's the hacienda was sold to the Government of Puerto Rico, fractioned and sold  to local farmers.  In 1978 its owner was José Vera who owned the processing facilities and 22 cuerdas of the approximately 1,000 that at one time formed part of Hacienda Arvela.

It is located in Monte Guilarte at a height of 2,526 feet above sea level on PR-374.

The pictures below are part of a 1987 study made by Archeologist Luis Pumarada O'Neill.  Source: Puerto Rico State Historic Preservation Office.