Aboy Residence

The design for this "Swiss Chalet" known as the Casa Aboy was commissioned by Ramón Aboy Longpré in 1922 to the firm Ferrer & Pons.  Their design is inspired in the work of Antonin Nechodoma, however even though the design is sometimes attributed to him, Nechodoma was only a collaborator and the design is not to his name.
Ramón Aboy-Longpré was in the lumber business, he married Carmen Ferrer-Otero and had four children; Ramón (1912), Carmen (1913), Hilda (1914) and Gabriel (1917).  The house is currently a cultural center thanks to the generosity of one of Gabriel's sons.  In 1954, Carmen, who married Eng. Luis Valdejulli Duprey, authored the book Cocina Criolla, one of the best known books written on Puerto Rican cuisine.
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